Online Entries - Exhibitor

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 All you need to do is edit the dogs details and update the Dog Registered Name to include the dogs titles.  This article will tell you how to edit the dogs details, https://showmanager.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202337574-How-do-I-edit-a-Dog-

Show Manager online entry fee costs vary depending on the type of show and agreement with the club. Cost per entry will range from 50 cents to $1 plus a processing service fee of 30 cents + 2.4% of the total transaction.

Price does not include GST, Add 10% GST to the above price quoted.



After you have created your entries the next step is to add your entries into the shopping cart, as the entries are added into the shopping cart the system will ask you if you are a member. Tick the box to say that you are a member and the system will discount the entries, please check the cost of the entries in the shopping cart before you pay.
Yes. Once you have created your order, just add it to the shopping cart then continue shopping for other events. This also means you only pay the fixed credit card fee once.
Yes, Each event is unique and you can enter any dogs in any classes offered for each show and still only pay once when you are finished.

To help Show Manager run smoothly and to cover the costs of processing transactions, keeping the payment gateway secure and up to date as well as our fantastic customer support, we charge a small processing service fee on each transaction.

The processing service fee is listed in the shopping cart before you pay and will also be listed on your invoice.


Yes. You have the ability to create more entries against an event even if you have already entered that event with other dogs.
Yes, you can change both the dog and the class on the entry. Click here to view detailed instructions on how to change your entries.
No, the system is smart enough to know that you have already paid this fee on the 1st entry and you will not be charged again.
Even if the club offers online entries you still have to choice to use this service or print your entry form and send it away as you always have been able to do.

GST (Goods and Services Tax) is payable on the online entry fee. GST is not charged on Shows entry fee, catalogue, mailing fees or any other extra cost that collected on behalf of the club or affiliates.

If you have a new card then it needs to replace the saved card in the system. Even though they have the same number but different expiry date the bank will still treat it as a new card so the old one has to go.

The next time you are ready to pay you will get to the page that has your saved card, below the pay now button there will be 2 links. 'Use Different Card' and 'Delete saved card and use a different card', in your case you will want to delete the saved card and use a different card. This will remove the old card and allow you to input all the details for the new card.

The other way you can remove your saved card is by clicking on your user name in the top right corner and then selecting 'My Account', this will show all your contact information as well as all your saved cards. All you need to do is click on the delete button beside the card to delete the old card. When you have deleted the old card you can then save the new card the next time you pay.
No, we never store your credit card details.

Online Entries - Club

Nothing, just tell us you would like to use online entries and we will setup the rest. We will already have your show in the system so it's normally just a matter of enabling the online entry option.

We have the current reports available:

  • Event Summary. An overview of the total number of entries broken down by each class, the total number of catalogues, camping etc.
  • Detailed Entry List sorted by group and breed order. This report contains all the information that is on an entry form.
  • Summary entry list. This is the same as the detailed report, however the data it limited to only the dog and class.
  • Event Extras list. A detailed break down of who has purchased what event extra (Catalogues, Camping, etc) and also a total of each.
  • Envelope Receipt. Print out the exhibitors receipt on an envelope, this will also show an event extras they have purchased.
  • Return Envelope. If you need to post back numbers we make it easy for you to print out the exhibitor report post address.
  • Breed Numbers. A breakdown of the breed numbers for each group. We will also automatically publish this report to Facebook and DogzOnline.
  • Class Numbers. A breakdown of all the classes for each group.
  • Entry List Export. Offers the ability to import the entries into a 3rd party system.

Yes we are also able to offer a complete solution from taking entries, creating catalogues and recording results. We are also able to offer client applications that can be run at the show to help record results and print challenges.
Yes, we have a discounting system where you can provide your members with either a unique code or a common code which they can enter at the shopping cart to reduce the entry costs.
No. We associate your user account with the club you are working for, so when you log in you will see all the events you have access too in a single list.

We offer many different and detailed reports, we also include the ability for you to print out your own return post envelopes for any entry that has gone through our system.

Please contact help@showmanager.com.au for an information pack.

There is no cost to the club and nothing for the club to configure, we will look after the whole setup for you.
Yes, as soon as you log in you are in a secure session the whole time providing 256 bit encryption.

Online Entries - Cataloguer

Yes we have a number of different options to offer from the detailed reporting of entries to a public API that can be called from your catalogue system.

Yes, we have fully automated system that will publish any public report like the Breed Number breakdowns to DogzOnline and on our own site. These reports are also included in the Event Preparation alerts that are sent to the exhibitors a few days before the show. 


You can sign up for a Free Standard Account or upgrade to our Premium Account for $21.95.

Both accounts allow unlimited dogs and owners. There is more information on the Membership page.

Once logged in click on your user name in the top right corner, this will take you to a page where you can update all your details.


Once the schedules are received from each state body they are manually added into the system. Based on when the documentation arrives the time it takes to get an event into the system may be up to a week after the initial release of the schedules.
No, Only you can see any data that is in 'My Area'. This means no one else can see your 'Owners', 'Dogs', 'Events' or 'Judges' information.
Due to the connected nature of all the data you can only delete a dog if that dog does not have any entries or results. You can however select the option 'Deactivate', this will keep the dog in the database but will remove them from most of your lists. This is a handy option if you want to keep your dogs history and results but no longer want them to appear in your list of dogs when creating entries.
Yes, you can change both the dog and the class on the entry. Click here to view detailed instructions on how to change your entries.

It is possible that you want to send an entry, but the Schedule for the Event has not yet been released so it is not in the system. In this case you have the option to print a 'Blank Entry Form' for your dog. This entry form will contain all the dog's details but leave the rest of the form blank. Just select your dog from the list and click the "Download Blank Entry Form' button.

Yes, each entry is checked to ensure it's in the correct class based on the age and also we check that imported dogs can not be entered in local classes.


Select the event you want to add the results to from your 'My Events' list. From the Events details page there are 2 tabs at the top of the screen, 'Entries' and 'Results'. Select the 'Results' tab and then click the 'Add Results' button.

You can also view and add in your old results from the 'Results' button in the 'Dog Details' page.

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