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Lurecoursing/Sprint High Pulley Sponsorship - Sat 25 May 2024

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As many of you are aware, the club has been fundraising heavily to purchase our own Lure Coursing and Sprintdog equipment.

As part of this fundraising drive, we are offering the opportunity to sponsor the cost of a pulley with either your name, prefix or one of your dogs details engraved on to the pulley itself, becoming part of the club history and a nod to past coursers, sprinters, kennels and persons who contributed to our sports beginnings. 
As our Lurecoursing and Sprints are open to All breeds this is not limited only to Whippets. 

The main 20 field pulleys are now all spoken for, however, there are 2 pulleys- the high (raised)  pulleys  that are available to have a plaque attached. This is unlikely to be repeated given this is all we currently require. The price reflects the actual cost of the pulley and and engraved plate attached to it.


Thank you for your support!



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