Royal Agricultural Society Qld Toowoomba - Championship Show

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Created: 24 Dec 2018

Error in Schedule

The schedule has the start time on Saturday as 2pm, this is not correct. Start time is 9am each day including Saturday.
Created: 09 Jan 2019

Error in Schedule

Class 18 (Neuter) is listed on the Thursday but on Friday and Saturday it's been removed. Please note that class 18 is available on all days of the show.
Event Details
Thu 28 Mar 2019 to Sat 30 Mar 2019
Sat 16 Mar 2019
Thu 21-Mar-2019 9:00 PM
Location Details
Toowoomba Showgrounds
520 Glenvale Road

Judging time: 9:00am daily with General Specials on Saturday 30th March 2019

** Note: Even if your breed is on another day your invoice will have the first day of the show as it's event date, this is used to calculate the dogs age. Your entry is still ok and just remember to turn up on the correct day of your breed.

Event Judges
General Specials
Mr N Chin (Singapore)
Group 1 - Toy Group
Mr N Chin (Singapore)
Group 2 - Terrier Group
Ilaria Biondi DeCiabatti (Peru)
Group 3 - Gundog Group
Mr N Chin (Singapore)
Group 4 - Hound Group
Ilaria Biondi DeCiabatti (Peru)
Group 5 - Working Dog Group
Ilaria Biondi DeCiabatti (Peru)
Group 6 - Utility Group
Mr N Chin (Singapore)
Group 7 - Non-Sporting Group
Ilaria Biondi DeCiabatti (Peru)

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